Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who!!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. Sorry about that. Just got out of the habit and ran out of interesting things to blog about. I’ll try and be better about that in 2014. Promise!!

For now, as most of you have probably gathered, I’m a fan of the TV series “Doctor Who”. This year it celebrated its 50th anniversary! 

Also, as some of you know (because I’ve mentioned it here before), I’m part of an online group called the “Doctor Who Fan Orchestra” and last week saw the release of our latest project which honours Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

It’s a celebration of Murray Gold’s music from the series since it came back in 2005 and this time, we managed bag ourselves a very special guest star in the video (hint: if you’ve seen the Doctor Who Prom, or know about the music for “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood”, you may well recognise him…). 

Oh, and this video is special because I got to take my flute on board *the* TARDIS (you’ll see me waving)! 🙂

Please have a watch and, if you enjoy it, feel free to share it around!


Happy Christmas!!


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