Run, Sun, Doctor Who Fun…. and a Plea for Help

Sorry I’ve not blogged in a while – too much going on! Here’s a quick update…..

Last weekend, I went on the local Parkrun. It was my 4th run but this time there was a big difference…..the heat. Summer’s finally arrived in the UK and last Saturday morning the temperature was already in the low 20s. 

The weather brought a lot of people to the park for the run. There were far more kids running this time and more spectators. 

Knowing it would be warm, I took my water bottle. I needed it! It was a really hard run and I had to battle the strong urge to stop and walk more than ever before. But, I managed the distance and I didn’t stop!

Later on, when the official times came in, I found out, to my utter surprise, that I’d beaten my last PB!! I ran the course in 30:55 – in that heat!!

For the rest of the day, I sat in the shade, watching the England cricket team on the TV slogging it out for the Ashes 1st test 🙂

The next day, we headed to London for the second of this year’s “Doctor Who” Prom concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. However, this was also an excuse for a meet up with some of us who participate in the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra – this time including some people who’d flown over especially from some far flung corners of the world!

The concert itself was amazing. We had seats above the stage and the choir. The music was wonderful. I cried twice! There were monsters, Doctors (old and new) and music (old and new) – including a tribute to the Radiophonic Workshop who provided the music for the “classic” series. This is Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year, so the stops were pulled out for a proper celebration.

Afterwards, a large group of us DWFO members, met up and headed for lunch at a very lovely pub local to the Royal Albert Hall (the Queen’s Arms). Not long after we’d been there, Ben Foster (the current orchestrator and conductor of all the music on the Doctor Who series), came into the pub for a well earned drink after conducting the concert (which, for him, included with being accused of “overacting” by a Dalek!) Once we spotted him, we gave him a spontaneous round of applause. He smiled and acknowledged it. After that, we left him alone and got on with chatting and eating our lunch.

Then……after we’d eaten…. Ben Foster, wandered over to our table, sat down and chatted to us for a few minutes!

Thing is, he knows about the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra and, once he’d worked out who we were, was happy to come over and socialise. Lovely man and a wonderful highlight!

London was sweltering. It was also very busy on the public transport system. 

On the way to the RAH, we’d encountered lots of women on the tube, who were dressed in pink and headed for Hyde Park to run the Race For Life. I sympathised with them having to run in that heat, however, it also made me happy to see such smiling faces travelling to do something wonderful. 

…and that leads me to the plea for help……

Thing is, this coming Sunday (21st) – I’ll be doing my local Race For Life. It’s also going to be very warm. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know about my running journey and, although I don’t intend on doing proper “races”, doing a charity run is fine by me and this one will test my current endurance.

So, if you follow this blog and have enjoyed reading my entries, please consider supporting me and donating via my Race For Life charity page:

Every penny helps and goes towards Cancer Research UK. 

Thank you!

…and if you’re in the UK, watch out for the Doctor Who Prom on the TV later in the year!



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