Book review

I recently downloaded the audiobook of Gary Taubes’s “Why We Get Fat”. It seemed like an interesting hypothesis on a major issue of our modern age. Not long into it, I began to warm to his main argument (carbs = bad) but something was still annoying me about his arguments……

I didn’t know much about the author and so Googled him in relation to this title. Then I came across this review of the book and I decided to delete my copy.

Taubes is anti the whole “calories in/calories out” equation. Some might equate it to him arguing “there is no God”.

I was willing to listen, but to a point. My own recent weight loss has involved the reduction of “bad” carbs but carbs are still necessary to a healthy diet. I never had a weight problem until my late 20s. Before then I ate whatever I wanted. I didn’t exercise much either. I ate lots of potato/pasta/rice/bread/sweets/cakes and didn’t gain weight. Then, when I hit my late 20s and had a sedentary job (with a long train commute), my weight suddenly piled on. However, (according to Taubes) that wasn’t as a result of my inactivity…..Erm….






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