Cyprus: Day 5 (25/5/13)

Woke up and went down for breakfast but the air had turned colder thanks to a stiff breeze that was blowing from the sea. For the first time this holiday, I actually shivered! My chesty cough was still irritating me so, after brekkie, D suggested I go back to bed. He took care of some hand washing and we listened to the latest ep of one of our favourite podcasts (The Bugle). Then D headed down to the pool and left me to laze about in bed.

I was aching all over and felt absolutely shattered. Clearly my body still had a lot of recovering to do!

D came back later in the afternoon and brought another bottle of wine to replace our illicit stash! Thoughts turned to dinner. Even though the rest of me felt a wreck, at least my stomach was ok, so I was getting hungry.

We’d decided to eat in at the hotel, this time opting for the Italian restaurant “Bacca” (which used to have celebrity guests):


Two courses per person were €43, so D wanted us to limit our drinks order (hence the bottle of wine in the room).

I began to perk up a bit and got changed into some smart clothes. As we were getting changed, D said he could hear raised voices coming from our neighbours (a British couple who I’d reckoned to be much older than us). We put our ears to the (locked) connecting door and could hear a woman yelling at her husband (who, in turn, didn’t seem to be raising his voice). We couldn’t determine what the argument was about but she seemed to be claiming, quite vehemently, that something he’d said was “NOT TRUE!!” and that she’d been insulted by him. Fortunately,  there was no audible indication of physical violence and we left them to it. Outside, in the corridor, were a couple of housekeeping staff who were stood by the door of the rowing couple’s room; looking concerned. With them was a large, blue-shirted man with a walkie-talkie, into which he was speaking. Had they had complaints? Were the rowing couple about get raided so the cleaning staff could do their job……?

“Right! Nobody move! You two, SHUT UP!! Hands on your head!! Okay, housekeeping, move in on my mark and deploy clean bed linen and toilet rolls. GO. GO. GO, GO. GO!!!”

The restaurant was situated outside, in a pretty courtyard area below the main entrance to the hotel. Flaming (paraffin) torches provided some atmospheric light while the flickering candles on the tables were actually battery driven.


The musical backdrop seemed to be an odd collection of 80’s hits, as sung by crooners in a jazz stylee. ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”, and “True” by Spandau Ballet got the alternative treatment, much to our amusement.

The food was wonderful. We were brought a selection of fresh breads to have with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then we were served another appetizer (a “compliment of the chef”), some crispbreads and a thick, pesto-type paste which was very tart and lovely. D & I shared a starter (asparagus, parma ham & roasted mushroom on some crisp bread), but we each had the same main course: beef tenderloin (medium) with chunks of roasted potato and a salad. The meat was very tender and the peppercorns on top made it even more delicious. D & I shared dessert (ice cream), and we agreed that it had been thoroughly delicious.

After all that, I was properly ready for bed. D, however, wanted to watch the big European football match and went up the road, to an Irish bar that was showing it. I dozed and listened to my iPod and was eventually awake when D got back.

p.s: It was the annual celebration of “Towel Day” today. In memory of the late, great, Douglas Adams. I managed to surface and have a shower at one point in the afternoon, and tweeted my contribution to the celebration:



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