Back in the saddle

I went for a run today. I repeated what I did a few weeks ago and cycled to my local country park, then ran round it a few times until I’d done 3 miles.

Thing is, today’s run was the first proper outdoor run I’ve done for a few weeks. I went down with a cold before I went on holiday and didn’t run because I wanted to rest. Then, while I was away, the chesty cough I developed meant I really daren’t risk running much, if at all. In the end I did make one trip to the hotel’s gym and managed 3 miles on a treadmill, but that didn’t feel quite as much effort as running outside.


So, today’s run was my first “proper” one since 12th of May!

I was a bit slower today (avg. pace 11min/mi) but it was warmer and in any case, I wasn’t really aiming to push my time; I just wanted to do the distance.

In the end it was fine. I took a water bottle with me and sipped from it in the brief seconds when I stopped to walk. I didn’t feel too bad overall.

When I got home, I even had enough energy to mow the lawn (still in my running kit, though minus the shoes)!

Next week I’m going to do something different again. As I was running round, I noticed that the local Parkrun had left their arrow signs out, so I followed them. Very useful! Now I’ve gone and registered to actually do the Parkrun! My husband (who’s done it before), has offered to come with me. I don’t usually run with other people so this will be a new experience but I know there’s no pressure. It’s all about enjoying yourself and making friends. As long as the weather’s okay, it should be fun! I’m looking forward to doing it!


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