Cyprus: Day 3 (23/5/13)

A night of air conditioned sleep and my throat and chest both felt better. I kept to my vow of having fruit for breakfast. Incidentally, at breakfast, I’d planned to wear a nice pair of open-toed, heeled, sandals that I’d bought about 20 years ago. I put them on and padded about the room but thought “these feel a bit spongey!”. As I headed for the door, D said “what’s that on the floor?”. A small trail of black bits was on the carpet and I realised that the heels of my shoes had perished and were literally crumbling into pieces!! Into the bin they went and it was on with the flip-flops.

Today’s a designated “go nowhere” day. This means we sit by the pool and relax and swim until such time as we can be bothered to go in search of food. Once again, we found a couple of sun loungers with parasols and made camp for the day.

The hotel seems busier. A lot more families around, so more kids splashing around in the pools. D & I both had dips in the pool and I used it as an opportunity to exercise and test my underwater lung capacity following my cold. The good news was I felt stronger and my chest was clearing.

The rest of the time I read, listened to music and kept up with the world of social media. The news events of the previous 24hrs were still playing on my mind so I made a point of checking in now and again with the latest.

In amongst reading, etc., I did a bit of people watching. Young couples with a baby, couples with older kids, overweight middle-aged couples with no kids. It all made me smile.

D and I had an invitation to the hotel manager’s evening reception. We were thinking of going, but then our level of hunger became such that we figured we’d not want to delay dinner much beyond the time of the reception. So, for a pre-dinner drink, D went out and bought some cheap booze at a local supermarket and smuggled it back into the room (again, you’re not supposed to keep your own stuff in the mini-bar). D had a can of the local “Keo” beer and I had a glass of “Thisbe” from a bottle that D bought. We’re such outlaws!

We had our drinks on our balcony and watched amused as the couples attending the manager’s reception below, each stood awkwardly, in acres of space, not talking to anyone else unless the suited and booted manager came wandering up to them…..

Dinner was at a place called “Metaxas”. A couple of minutes walk up from the hotel, it’s well reviewed on TripAdvisor and does Italian/Cypriot fare. Very well priced, friendly service and a discount for eating “early” and paying in cash! Over ate on the starters again… D ordered dips and pitta bread but even before that arrived, we were brought cream cheese and pitta bread anyway!


I had a “home cooked” mushroom dish (Funghi Ripieni) with cheese and tomato. Very nice! My main course was oven baked cod in a cream and white wine sauce with roasted potatoes and seasonal veg. Four large roast potatoes were brought to the table. Once upon a time, I’d have had all those potatoes, but now, I could only manage one, plus a couple of carrots, and a bit of cauliflower. I was stuffed.

I refused dessert and we returned to the hotel (via a bit of the coastal path). Back at base, D decided to go for a long walk/run while I sat writing and having more wine 😉 Tomorrow, we head for the Tomb of the Kings!!


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