Normal service will resume shortly….

After a stress filled week at work, I’m now on holiday for two weeks! As part of my final weekend at home for a few days, I was planning on going for a run. The local rec is in use for an event so I already knew I’d have to go elsewhere and, after last weekend’s successful outing to the country park, I thought I’d do that again – plus the weather looked like it would be nice for it. 


I began to feel odd yesterday…. a bit achey in the throat and tired. It continued overnight and, as I type this, it’s clear that my body’s trying to fight off a cold. A couple of work colleagues have had colds recently and, the stress and tiredness of my manic week at work probably compromised my immune system into the bargain, *shakes fist*.

However, I’m flying abroad to a sunny destination on Tuesday, so I want this gone!

Therefore, I had a dilemma – do I go for a run or not? I read some advice in a recent (June 2013) issue of “Women’s Running” magazine, about when to run and not to run if you’re not well. It reckoned that running with a cold is ok if your symptoms are mild and your joints aren’t aching. My throat’s not really sore, but my neck muscles are aching and other parts of me are beginning to ache too. So, I decided not to run. Frankly, I need all my energy to fight this thing off!

As we’re going away, we’re eating up the contents of our fridge. In thinking about what to have for lunch, I knew there was 1 egg left in there. I thought about having it boiled…but then, I began to crave something I’ve not eaten in a very very long time…..a fried egg sandwich. A fried egg isn’t the healthiest thing to eat I know but I craved the comfort of it. It was delicious! 🙂

So, am I going to run on holiday? Yes! I’m taking all my kit and the hotel has a fitness room so it’s likely that I’ll put in some time on a treadmill rather than pounding the beach/roads in the heat. Naturally, there’s also a swimming pool so I’ll be using that for exercise (the hotel offers aqua aerobics sessions too). Anyway, I’ve just bought a new costume and goggles.

Today, I need to finish packing and continue to rest. 

By the way, I might not be able to update this blog while I’m away (I’m not taking a laptop) but I will try and keep a diary that I can write up when I’m back.

Hope you all have a good couple of weeks and I’ll catch up with you all when I get back home.



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