Goal Achieved! Reward Acquired!

Ladies & Gentlemen…..I’ve hit my goal weight!!!

It happened this morning. That single ‘1’ digit, representing pounds, changed to a ‘0’. I’ve lost 3 stone and 2lbs (approx 44 pounds).

I don’t really have any “before” photos (It didn’t occur to me to start taking them) but here is an “after” photo (and you can see the loose skin under my armpits from my old “bingo wings”):


I’ll blog another time about exactly what I did but one thing I did do was cut out all chocolate. It wasn’t strictly necessary but I wanted to remove the temptation (because I really love chocolate). However, I’d promised myself that once I reached my goal weight, I’d have some chocolate and it would be nice chocolate. 

So, I agreed with my husband that he would visit the local branch of Hotel Chocolat and bring me back something. Which he did today…. This evening I had my first taste of chocolate in almost a year:


I only had one of them and I savoured every bite! 

It tasted amazing and I BLOODY EARNED IT!!

So now the hard work really begins. I’ve got to maintain the weight I’m at now. I won’t make the mistake I’ve made before and go back to old eating habits. I’ve developed a new discipline. Time to make it count!


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