So Warm….and So Close!

Brief post today.

Firstly – today’s run. I assume a lot of people will have been inspired to get out into the nice weather today. I knew it would be a warm day but I also knew it would be slightly cooler than tomorrow’s forecast temperature, so I chose to do my run today. As (is now) usual, I had my lunch first and then walked up to the local rec. Unsurprisingly, there were lots of people about and a football match in progress. I started Runkeeper and my music and set off. Very quickly I realised something… was VERY warm!! I wasn’t carrying a water bottle (mainly because I don’t do runs that are supposed to be long enough to need one), but then I wasn’t really feeling thirsty. Anyway, I ended up running just over 3 miles but I also ended up walking more often than I’d intended. Still, at least I did run. 

Secondly – I’m now ONE POUND away from my target weight!! It’s been a long road but it’s a whisker away from being done. Looking forward to being able to eat chocolate again and facing the challenge of maintaining my new weight. Anyway, I’ll blog again when I’ve got there properly so….watch this space!



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