A Milestone…and the Return of the Zombies

Every morning it’s been the same routine: Wake up…get up…shuffle to the bathroom…go to the loo and then get on the scales. I then stare, bleary-eyed, for those couple of seconds as the digital read out decides where to settle. 

When I began this part of my weight loss journey in the middle of last year, I was 12 stone 2 pounds. I set myself the goal of getting down to 9 stone but I had no idea how long it would take.

By and large the weight came off at a good pace – about 1lb a week – though there were times I’d get stuck and the scales would refuse to move or, worse, they’d go back up! The past couple of weeks were like that. I’d been down at 9st 4lbs but the scales took me back up to almost 9st 6lbs! Given how close I am to my goal, it was very frustrating. Then yesterday, I had a breakthrough – the scales took me back down to 9st 3lb! A very pleasant surprise but more was to come….

This morning I stepped on the scales and expected to be roughly where I was yesterday (or even slightly up)…but I wasn’t…I was down again..this time by another POUND! 9 stone TWO!

Hitting that number means I’ve hit another milestone: I’VE LOST A TOTAL OF THREE STONE!! 🙂

I’ve literally only got a couple more pounds to lose and then I’ll have hit my goal (assuming the scales don’t decide they’ve made a mistake and take me up another pound or two!)

I’m not being complacent though. I’m not there quite yet so I still have work to do and, even after I hit my goal, I’ll have to go into “maintenance mode” to make sure all that work doesn’t go to waste.

So with all that in mind, I went out for a run earlier. This time, I decided to revisit the zombies (ie: “Zombies, Run!”). I’m quite behind. They’ve already released season 2 but I’m still playing season 1.

Every time I’ve run with the app before, I’ve only gone for about 2 miles (which doesn’t quite get through a whole 30min mission). This time I kept going and managed to complete the mission (involving the rescue of a small child from “no mans land”) AND I ran for just over 3 miles!

I actually did a run in the nice weather last Thursday afternoon too (after getting home early from a work trip to London), so I’ve done more running in this one week then I have since starting this particular lark!

Anyway, no matter how far you are right now from your goal – KEEP GOING! – the scales will fluctuate from time to time but in the end, you WILL get there. In my case, I can see the finishing line. I’ll let you know when I’ve got my winner’s medal! 😉



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