Running in the Sun!

Wow, what a gorgeous Spring day! About time we had one of these! 🙂 Of course, sunshine and warmth are definite motivating factors for getting out and having a run.

After last week’s struggle, I decided to change tack and went back to the Audiofuel interval training package. My aim this time was to try and run through more of the six recovery periods. Last time I’d tried that, I’d only managed two of them. 

The local rec was less busy than I’d expected on a day like this but there were still people out walking dogs, playing football and tennis or taking their kids to the little playground bit.

I managed to jog through both of the 60 sec recovery periods from the first two sprints (30 secs & 45 secs). After that, I walked through the ones following the 60 second and 75 second sprints BUT on the way back down, I managed to jog through the recovery periods after the last 45 and 30 second sprints. That meant that this time, I’d managed to run through FOUR of the six recovery periods. Two more than last time!

The 180bpm max Audiofuel session doesn’t quite cover 2 miles, so I’d previously added another music track to extend the time. For this outing, I’d added yet another track so i could try and run a bit further.

My plan worked…sort of. I finished the interval session and ran through both the extra music tracks but, by then, I was still feeling fairly comfortable so I decided to keep going…only my music had run out! I kept running but this time I only had my breathing and foot-fall as my soundtrack. That was definitely new for me but I think I got a glimpse into how people can find that sound hypnotic……

Anyway, I kept running until Runkeeper told me I’d been running for 35mins and had covered 3.27miles. Not my greatest distance and not my fastest either but it’s the longest run I’ve had that’s included a proper interval session!

I’d been better fuelled this time too but the niceness of the weather definitely helped!

This afternoon I sat in the garden for a bit and drank water, listened to music and read a women’s fitness magazine. It was a nice way to relax 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m cycling into town to buy some new clothes as I’ve got a (rare) work trip out of the office one day next week and the only remaining smart pair of trousers I have, don’t fit me any more!

A nice problem to have 🙂





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