Music, Museums and an Easter Bonnet


In a previous post, I talked about my involvement with a group called the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra (DWFO for short). It’s a “virtual” orchestra, with participants spread out all over the world. Yesterday, I went to London to meet some of them for the very first time….

The meet up day was arranged to coincide with a performance of “Rapunzel” at Sadler’s Wells. This ballet version of the story has been written by Carol Ann Duffy, with music by Murray Gold…who also happens to write the music for the current series of Doctor Who…and therefore whose music we’ve been playing in the DWFO!

We’d clubbed together to hire a meeting room at Sadler’s Wells for the morning so that we had somewhere we could meet and play music. There were nine of us altogether: 2 clarinets, 1 violin, 5 vocalists…and me on flute!


We rehearsed our current project (“Amy’s Suite”) but also played through previous DWFO pieces. This is only my 3rd project with the DWFO so I had a bit of a sight reading challenge with the older ones – but it was fun! There was no pressure, everyone was lovely and we had a laugh.

I’d opted not to go to the ballet so, after we’d had lunch together, I said my goodbyes and wandered back towards Kings Cross.


From Kings Cross, I headed by tube to Russell Square and the British Museum. I don’t go to London a lot, which means I don’t get the chance, anywhere near as often as I should, to use the British Museum membership card that I have. Being a member means you get FREE entry to any of the special exhibitions (non-members have to buy tickets for timed slots). Yes, I know I’m sounding a bit smug…but hey 😉

A huge special exhibition on Pompeii has just opened and I was a bit torn because I really want to see it, but I was wary of how much time I had before I needed to head back to get my train home and wasn’t sure I could really do it justice. So, I will visit Pompeii another day. Instead I flashed my card to gain instant, waved-through-VIP entry to a small exhibition on Ice Age art. It was actually very good. Lots of things scratched on or carved out of mammoth ivory from many tens of thousands of years ago – mainly representations of naked women it seemed. However it also included pieces by Matisse and Henry Moore to show how modern artists have been inspired by the ancient past.

The museum was heaving with people so I decided to retreat to another perk – the Members’ Room:


It’s nice in there but it was also very busy. Had to wait ages for my pot of tea….

Easter Bonnet:

When walking along Pentonville Road towards Sadler’s Wells in the morning, I spied a large cycling shop. I like cycling but what really caught my attention were the large pictures of runners in the window. On closer inspection, I realised that the cycling shop shared its premises with a RUNNING SHOP! It’s called runnersneed and obviously, I stopped in on the way back to Kings Cross 😉

…and I made a purchase!


It’s a proper running hat and today I couldn’t wait to try out my new Easter Bonnet:


Stylish, huh? 🙂

Today’s run used the same AudioFuel interval training package I ran to last week. This time, my aim was to try and jog through as many of the 6 recovery periods as I could. In the end, I managed to run through 2 of them but that’s a start!

I also added another track onto the end of my AudioFuel playlist to extend it beyond the 22 minute running time so I could cover 2 miles. Now that I know what sort of BPM I can comfortably jog to, I searched my regular music for something around the 155bpm mark. In the end, perhaps appropriately, I chose the “Where the Streets Have No Name” remix from the “Isles of Wonder” soundtrack from the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Earlier, as I’d been running, I’d been trying to count out the ‘1,2,3,4’ beats as encouraged by the AudioFuel coach (remember “Feet to the Beat”?) – but for some reason, towards the end, I replaced numbers in my mind with the word “bounce” for every time my feet hit the ground.

“Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce…”

Strangely, it seemed to help!

Anyway, not my fastest run but then again, that’s not the point at the moment. It’s not about speed for me. It’s about gradually building up confidence and stamina….and I think I’m finally getting somewhere 🙂



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