I discovered The Guardian newspaper’s running blog recently. Looking at it today, there was a piece about whether listening to music is a help or a hindrance while running?

A few blog posts ago, I said that my efforts with listening to music didn’t seem to help that much…and instead drove me towards the zombies. However, I would still like to run to music and although the zombie app does allow you to play music as you run, I do feel like I want the option of having something that spurs me on to run but doesn’t need me to imagine being chased by the undead!

The Guardian blog post I read, mentioned these guys: Audiofuel

They design music to run to. They also provide certain bpm packages based on your fitness/goal levels. These are downloadable as mp3s and contain audio cues and encouragements as you run. If you go to their site, you can download a free sample but if you go for a full package, you have to pay.

I’ve just downloaded a “green” (medium fitness) package for just under £5.

I’m going to try it out. The idea is to get you running to the beat. The package I’ve got is basically an interval training one, so there are periods where you’re allowed to walk or jog slowly. A voice is supposed to encourage you along the way.

I’ll let you know when I’ve tried it in practice but if you fancy trying it out yourselves, have a look a the site.

I’m willing to try lots of different things to help me run as I’m still battling my psychology and I want to find something that makes me feel properly comfortable as I run.

The weather this weekend is going to be snowy and cold. I’ll try and get out to give this a go and I’ll let you know how it goes!


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