An inspiring blog

As you know, I’ve been blogging about my weight loss and exercise (especially the running) in recent weeks. I’ve lost just over 2 and half stone since the middle of last year and now I’m getting close to my target weight.

Losing weight is such a personal challenge and everyone’s story is different. I’ve read many blogs by people who’ve also been doing battle with their weight and exercise, however this morning, I discovered one that really inspired me.

It’s called Weight Loss Bitch and is written by a woman who started out weighing over 40 stone and is fighting to get to a sensible size. The blog’s been going since last year (you may already have seen it) but I came across it by accident when someone I follow on Twitter, re-tweeted a link to one of her entries.

I really recommend reading it. Apart from the details of her weight loss and exercise, she also  deals with the social stigma she’s faced with being so overweight. The looks, the stares, the cruel comments. She’s had them all. In fact the title of her blog is connected to that.

I’m lucky that, even when I was at my heaviest a few years ago (before my first round of weight loss), I’d never had to deal with abusive remarks or attitudes about my appearance.

Obesity is so common these days, that it almost goes uncommented on by most – but when someone is at the extreme end of the scale, people think they suddenly have the right to judge, like it’s some modern day freak show! Even people who are overweight themselves can be guilty of it.

This woman’s blog is a great reminder that no matter how much someone weighs, there’s a human being underneath. A human being with feelings and emotions that deserve respect. She bravely stands up to it all and isn’t giving up.

Do give her blog a read and follow her journey.


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