Lazy Day

I usually go for a run on a Saturday but I went yesterday, which is fortunate, because it’s windy and rainy out there at the moment!

I’m active every day – I cycle commute to work and then go for a run and do Wii stuff at the weekend. However, I think my body’s still recovering from yesterday’s effort and I’m tired, so I’ve decided that today’s going to be a lazy day. I’m going to rest and not feel guilty about it.

Having a lazy day doesn’t mean a day off calorie counting though – I’m still being careful there, but I know that every now and again you need to listen to your body and not push it too hard (for that way, injuries lie!)

As I write this I’m lying on the sofa with the laptop. I’ve just had my lunch (small bowl of soup with a little bit of bread), and I’ve got nothing planned other than messing about online, listening to some music and possibly reading more of my book (“Star Trek: Then Next Generation – The Persistence of Memory, Book 1” by David Mack, since you ask).

I do have a small exercise routine I do just before I go to bed each night though, and I’ll probably still do that (unless anything hurts, in which case I won’t):

Arm stretches using a 3kg weight (20 reps each arm – hold the weight straight above the head and then bend backwards at the elbow)

Waist twists (6 reps)

Diagnonal waist twists (6 reps)

Sun Salutation (3 reps)

Grounded V (40 secs)

Jackknife (10 reps)

Plank (30 secs)

They’re a bunch of some of the exercises I do on the Wii Fit that I’ve used to form my own little routine. 

In the meantime, today’s all about relaxation 🙂

Happy Saturday! 🙂


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