Running for Comic Relief…

Remember how I said that part of my inspiration for giving in and getting a pair of running shoes was being given a Comic Relief fundraiser’s pack?

Well, although I didn’t make use of the pack (I donated most of the contents to my office where they were holding Red Nose Day events), I did decide to use my running to raise some cash for Comic Relief.

Today is March 15th and, of course, it also happens to be Comic Relief Day. On a whim, I’d decided to take today off work. I hadn’t really planned to do much but the one thing I had planned to do was to go for another run with the “Zombies, Run!” app I’ve been using lately. Remembering back to that spark of inspiration about getting the shoes made me wonder how I could still use them to raise some money. I decided to use today’s run and worked out some monetary charges per stat on which I could calculate a donation:

£1 for every zombie mob evaded (I decided to turn the ‘zombie chase’ mode on)

10 pence for every supply collected

1 pence for every calorie expended

Extra £10 if my average speed goes above 4.98mph (my previous fastest)

£20 if my average pace goes below 12min/mi (my previous best)

I went for my run. This next part of the “Zombie, Run!” story started with the gates to the base getting stuck in the open position, so the leader of the runners orders two out (that’s me and new character, “Runner 8”), to act as decoys and lead the zombies away from the base while the gate’s fixed.

When the zombie chase mode kicked in, the robotic voice chimed in over my music and said “WARNING: Zombies” and then a beeping began. I had to run to stop the beeping getting quicker until I heard “Zombies evaded”. If the beeping gets quicker, it’s meant to indicate that the zombies are gaining on you.

It didn’t feel like the most comfortable run and I was slightly disconcerted by being the only person on the recreation ground. I think I’ve decided I prefer to have lots of people around after all.

So anyway, after all that, how did I do?

Zombie mobs evaded = 1 (£1)

Supplies collected = 12 (x10p per supply = £1.20)

Calories expended = 238 (x1p per calorie = £2.38)

Average pace and speed (according to Runkeeper)?


So, my fastest ever run means an extra £30 to Comic Relief!

Grand total? = £34.58

Of course, you don’t have to be chased by zombies to give money to Comic Relief. Whatever you’re doing, please do support this great charity and give whatever you can. You can donate easily here.

Happy Red Nose Day!! 😀


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