Cambridge Half Marathon 2013

My husband ran in today’s Cambridge Half Marathon. Naturally, I went along for support (and to take pictures). 

We knew conditions were going to be a bit cold but we didn’t bargain on having SNOW!! It was utterly freezing. According to official figures, 3,500 out of the expected 4,500 runners turned up for today’s race. Accounting for injury and/or illness, that’s roughly 1000 people who looked out of the window this morning and thought…”Ya know what? Nah. I’m going back to bed!” I don’t blame them either!

My husband took various clothing options with him and we had a “shorts vs leggings” debate while we huddled for warmth in a cafe close to the start line. In the end, the leggings won, as did the headband and the thermal gloves.

The snow was still falling as we headed for the starting area and my husband topped off his outfit with a natty black bin bag with holes for his head and arms. He wasn’t the only one either. Punk fashion is alive and well in the running community!

Bang on 9.30am, the race started and that was my cue to head off wearing 2 rucksacks (mine and my husband’s) and to locate the halfway point and get my camera ready. Operating the camera was a struggle as I practically got frostbite in my fingers every time I took my gloves off!!

The lead runner came through before 10am! He went on to finish the race in 66 minutes! Meanwhile, my husband was pounding the streets a long way behind him with the rest of the mortals. Eventually I spotted my husband (in the yellow top):



There was lots of support along the way and clapping the runners was a useful way to try and stay warm! It was a good atmosphere despite the weather.

My husband finished the race, though not in a personal best time. Nevertheless, he’s happy with what he did, especially in those conditions and I’m very proud of him.

Congratulations to everyone who completed the race today!


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