Eat my dust!

I did my 4th ever run this afternoon. Usual routine: headed up to the local recreation ground, started up my Zombies, Run! mission, and set off on an alternate walk/run plan for 2 miles.

Some things were slightly different this time though. It was colder today, and damp, so the ground was muddy and I wasn’t sure how it would affect things. I changed my music playlist for this week as well and replaced a couple of tracks with things that were a little more dramatic in tone and pace (more in keeping with being chased by the zombie hordes, I thought).

Rather than run one whole side of the rec and walk the next, and so on, I’ve gradually got more into the routine of walking half a side and running the rest, as well as running whole sides. So, very gradually, I’ve been ramping up the amount of running.

I did my distance and I synced my app and checked my stats:

First ever run:

1.72miles; 14.33min/mi avg pace; 4.13mph avg speed


2.18miles; 12.03min/mi avg pace; 4.98mph avg speed

These zombies appear to be doing me good!

Oh, and as well as getting the Zombie app, I’ve also got the t-shirt!


Other milestone today was hitting 9st 8lbs, which is the lightest I’ve been for over a decade!


One thought on “Eat my dust!

  1. Keep it up! I recently started running to Zombies, Run as well. It’s been a good kick in the pants getting my butt of the couch. I was settling into a far too sedentary existence after hurting my back and taking two months off working out. But it feels good to be back in the habit.
    Ps – the T shirt is awesome!

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