We had one of those meetings at work today where lunch was provided.

Up until I walked out of the office door yesterday, all I knew was that “food” would be provided. However, just before I reached the door, my manager cheerfully called after me: “Oh, pizza tomorrow!”

Me (slightly puzzled): “Pizza?”

Turns out that the “food” being served at the meeting was to be pizza. I don’t eat pizza at the moment. Apart from the dough (carbs), there’s also the cheese and the oil that aren’t good for me right now.

So, I said:

“Erm, I’m not eating pizza right now. Aren’t there any alternatives? Like small sandwiches or salad-y bits?”

So, my manager (who knows I’ve been losing weight), said:

*taps side of nose* “No, but leave it with me.”

I came in today to an e-mail from him saying that he’d arranged for some “non-pizza” food. Later, he told me he’d ordered some “chicken and potato wedges”.

I eat chicken, but not really potato (carbs) and anyway, what’s a chicken “wedge”?

In the end, I bought my usual sandwich and took it along with me.

The pizzas that arrived were enormous. The chicken “wedges” were basically huge nuggets (ie: fried) and the potato wedges were large chips.

I didn’t touch ANY of them.

Fortunately I didn’t need to feel guilty as nearly all the food got eaten.

One of my colleagues said I was being very “disciplined”. To date, I’ve lost 2 and a half stone so I said “I need to be!”

If you’re on a diet. Stay focussed. You can do it!!


2 thoughts on “Discipline!

  1. I can totally relate. We had a work/lunch meeting a while ago and my supervisor ordered me salad while everyone else munched on the yummiest pizza in town. The room smelled so good, but I felt even better after the fact knowing I had met the challenge and had passed. For some of us who struggle with our weight, it will always be a fight so we have to re-teach ourselves to go to the good stuff first. Thanks for sharing!

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