“Are those new jeans?”

I had a one on one meeting with my line manager today. He sees me EVERY DAY in the office and we sit a few mere feet apart. Today, I had my annual review meeting and, before I’d even sat down, he asked me: “Is that a new pair of jeans?”.

I said “Erm, yes. I got them a few weeks ago because the ones I was wearing before, don’t fit me properly anymore”.

Him: “Is that because you’ve lost lots of weight?”

Me: “Yeah!”

Him: “Congratulations!”

The thing is, this is the very first time that he’s said anything to me about my weight loss. Even though he sees me every day, he’s waited until he’s in a room with me 1 on 1 before mentioning it. That’s quite sweet. The other men in the office, who’ve commented on it to me, have only done so when I’ve been on my own. Women who’ve brought it up, have mentioned it regardless if others have been around.

I think there’s a PhD study in there somewhere…..



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