Race for Life!

When I got my shoes and started running I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in entering any races. I’m not bothered about marathons and personal bests and competition……

…..so today I entered this year’s Race for Life event. 

Yes, a “race”….

…..in which most people run….

A colleague at work, (who’s doing the event this year), mentioned that she’d love to see more women from the office doing the race. I didn’t say anything there and then but it got me thinking. The conversation with myself went something like this:

Me1: “It would be nice to see more women from the office doing this. Maybe I should do it?”

Me2: “Hang on, it’s a ‘race’ and you said you wouldn’t do any of those!”

Me1: “Ah, but it’s for charity and anyway, it’s only the one event and you’ll have the company of people you know”

Me2: “Yes, but it’s still a ‘race’. It’s the slippery slope..!”

Me1: “No. It’ll be fun! It’ll be an achievable goal. Anyway, you can always walk most of it!…You did do the Sport Relief Mile last year!”

Me2: “Walk, you say? Walking’s ok…..Oh…oh, alright then.”

Me1: “Yes, walking’s ok, but let’s aim to run most of it eh?”

Me2: “How far is it?”

Me1: “5k”

Me2: “In English?”

Me1: *sigh* “Just over 3 miles”

Me2: “and you want to RUN most of it?? Good luck!”

Me1: “To quote River Song off of TV’s ‘Doctor Who’: “You watch us run!””

So there we go. On Sunday 21st July I’m going to put my running shoes on and use them to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Oh, and do I have a fundraising page? Why yes, I do!


If you can, do please sponsor me; It’ll help spur me on!





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