I Done and Gone and Run….Again!

I said last week that I was looking forward to running again. However last week, the sun was shining and the air had that lovely spring smell and it was about 8 degrees. This week, it was cloudy, about 2 degrees (-2 with the wind chill) and trying to snow!

Nevertheless, I still put on my running shoes and went out……

This time a few things were different:

1) Whereas last week I had my husband for company, this week I was running on my own.

2) In the week, I’d bought a proper running top and gloves and a waist pouch I could carry my iPhone in:


3) I decided to try running listening to music. I created a 25min playlist and configured Runkeeper to play it as I ran. I tried not to pick anything too fast as I knew I’d be walking as well as running. In the end, most of my playlist music came from “Doctor Who”…..

The other thing I did differently this week was to run *after* I’d had my lunch. I figured I needed the extra fuel, plus I wanted to wait until a bit later in the day to avoid the busyness around the junior football club training.

So, off I went. I walked up to the top of the road to the recreation ground, did some stretches (just as my husband showed me last week), and hit the “start activity” button on Runkeeper.

I did the same alternate walk/run routine that I did last week but even though I was listening to music this time, my brain still wasn’t distracted enough as I ran and kept yelling at me to “STOP!” Running may be a physical activity but it’s a very psychological one too. In my case, at the moment, my brain clearly thinks I’m a nutcase. It’s used to me cycling a lot, however I’ve yet to convince it that running is just like cycling…..just without the bike.

Runkeeper broke into my music to tell me how long I’d been running and what my average pace was. I realised my pace was quicker than last week (12mins vs 14mins) but it wasn’t feeling much easier. Maybe the music was having an effect after all. As I listened to the “Doctor Who” music, I amused myself by realising that I’d make a rubbish companion. They often have to do LOTS of running. With me, it’d be a case of:

Me: “Doctor, how far away is the TARDIS?”

Doctor: “About a mile but hurry, the Daleks are after us!”

Me: “Okay, I’ll need about 12 mins to get there!”, then watch as the Doctor goes sprinting off into the distance and I get exterminated.

The really cold air wasn’t helping much either. I had to stop to have a puff from my asthma inhaler, but I only needed to do that the once.

In the end though, I completed 2 miles.

Oh, and so much for thinking I’d have the rec to myself. A men’s football match started as I was running, although it was less busy than last week.

So, not a bad second effort, even though I do say so myself. Here’s a pic of me, after my run, in my running kit:


We’ll see how I get on again, next week……..


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