I’ve become a runner!!

A weird thing happened at the beginning of this year. I agreed to get a pair of proper running shoes. Why is that weird? Well, it’s because I’d never really been interested in running or ever really thought about starting. I didn’t even possess a pair of proper “trainers”. I did the 2012 Sport Relief Mile but that was for charity and although I half ran and walked it, the pair of (very knackered) walking shoes I was wearing at the time, weren’t really suitable.

I’ve seen lots of people run. My husband runs. He runs miles and does half marathons. I just thought it wasn’t for me. I cycle a round trip of 11 miles a day to get to work and back and, last year, having decided to lose more weight, I began a regular Wii Fit Plus regime. The weight started coming off and I was getting plenty of exercise. I still didn’t need to run. I left that to my husband.

I decided to buy my husband a subscription to a running magazine for Christmas. I signed up online and then bought a copy of the latest issue to wrap up for him. But before I wrapped it…I got drawn into reading it……and I got interested…..hmm….no. No. I am NOT a runner. Not doing that. No sirree.

Christmas Day came and went (husband was overjoyed with the magazine subscription) and very swiftly, my birthday loomed. Husband asked me what I’d like for a present. I said I didn’t know. He then said “I could buy you a pair of proper running shoes?”. I just looked at him like he was mad.

But…….a strange process began in my brain. It was almost as though I’d been secretly hypnotised and my husband had uttered the trigger word. I began to like the idea of owning a proper pair of running shoes. I still don’t possess a pair of “trainers” and my every day shoes are a pair of (much newer) rugged walking shoes. Then I thought back to last year’s Sport Relief mile. It was quite fun, and I received a 2013 Comic Relief fundraisers pack out of the blue off the back of it. Then I thought….if I were to do something for Comic Relief, what should I do? Maybe I could run another mile? Oh but I don’t have a proper pair of running sh….oh….HANG ON!!

An idea began to form. It’s still forming really but it did lead me to say to my husband one day…”erm, you know that offer of yours to buy me a pair of running shoes…?”

Cue visit to a running shop where they put me on a treadmill to assess my gait and then brought out box after box of shoes until we settled on the right pair. All very scientific. All very proper. I even had to run up and down outside in all the various pairs of shoes and I didn’t get really puffed or suffer a “stitch”. By this point I’d taken up Zumba on the Wii so it seemed to me that my stamina was improving.

Hmm…maybe this means I can….

I got the shoes and wore them in a bit last weekend on a walk. However today, just after 11am, and accompanied by my husband and the runkeeper app on my phone- I walked up to the village recreation ground and walked and ran round 2 laps of it while the local junior football club had their training in the middle.

We’d walk one side of the field, then run another and so on alternately for 2 laps. I didn’t even need to stop! I didn’t collapse or need to use my asthma inhaler! I actually felt ok!

I still think my brain isn’t wholly convinced by this new activity. It liked the walking but when I ran it seemed to nudge me and say “erm….Fiona…..what the *hell* do you think you’re doing??” I told it to shut up and kept going.

My husband was very encouraging and said I ran at a good pace. I’ve logged my first ever activity on Runkeeper and while I don’t plan on entering any races or running every day…I’m already looking forward to having another go next weekend.

I’ve become a runner….and it’s ok! 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’ve become a runner!!

  1. Good for you! Me too! 🙂 Not something I would EVER have pictured myself doing or even being slightly tempted to do until the end of last year. Back then a minute’s running seemed quite hard, but I’ve been following C25K and despite a lot of disruptions this past couple of months, last night I managed my first 20-minute run – and weirdly, it didn’t seem that hard?! I have decided to reward myself with an iPod shuffle so I can have fun making playlists to run to when I am regularly running for 30 mins. 🙂 I still find it odd that, out of the blue, running suddenly felt like something I needed in my life. I think one of the best reasons to be alive is to keep surprising ourselves. 🙂

    • I know! I’ve NO idea how this has happened. I still have to get over the psychological hurdle though. I need to distract my brain enough so I can forget I’m actually running. Good for you though!! That’s awesome! 😉

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