Doctor Who S6 pt2 – "Let’s Kill Hitler": a spoiler-free review

On the 27th August, “Let’s Kill Hitler”, the opening episode of the new ‘demi-season’ of ‘Doctor Who‘, will air on BBC1. However, I had the good fortune to see it, (along with cast, crew, press and other fans), at a special BFI preview screening. So, having seen it, here’s a quick (and I mean, quick), spoiler-free review… 

I’ll say straight away that it’s honestly best to see this episode un-spoiled. There are ‘WOW’ moments that really will have a lessened impact if you know what’s going to happen in advance….. 

We’re straight into the action with Amy & Rory, and a rather unusual method of getting the Doctor’s attention. From there, we’re off on an adventure that features, yes, a certain German Fuhrer but also laughs, shocks, tears & some OUT-RAGE-OUS behaviour! 

Rory & Amy’s backstory is explored briefly in an amusing & touching way, but that in itself leads to a huge revelation that turns everything they know on its head. 

Meanwhile, someone’s out to get Hitler (after all, he’s the subject of the episode title) and this features some of the funniest bits in the episode, plus some of the cleverest CGI. After that, things get a little dark…

Along the way, questions are answered and asked and I’ve no doubt that this episode will require repeat viewings over time just to take everything in!

Karen & Arthur are, of course, wonderful as Amy & Rory but Matt Smith is particularly brilliant in this episode. His acting is given full range, especially in a moment that sees the Doctor at possibly his most desperate & vulnerable. 

Jaws will drop and kids will turn to their parents with even more questions, as “Doctor Who” will once again confound & charm millions of viewers on a Saturday night.

BBC1. 27th August. WATCH!!















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