River tales

I don’t drive so I commute by bicycle to work. A few months ago, the local water company began digging up bits of the road that I use as my regular cycle route. Temporary traffic lights and cones and barriers then meant I wanted to try and avoid such things. 

I knew that I could go down the Cam towpath (which begins in Waterbeach) but I also knew it wasn’t as direct as my usual road route, so I avoided it for time reasons. However, given the new roadworks, I decided, on one sunny afternoon, to try cycling back from work along the river. As it turns out, I discovered a way back that only added 10 mins to my route but meant that I could almost totally avoid the road. 

The scenery and calmness of the route as I cycled back that day almost put me into a Zen state:


At one point, I even heard church bells ringing (I mention ‘Horningsea’ here, but it was actually, Fen Ditton):

Since then, I’ve been up and down the towpath on numerous occasions & have been privy to seeing nature red in tooth & claw such as: baby ducklings, sygnets….


…..a heron catching & eating a fish, a crow attacking a heron, cattle, sheep, ponies, a crow attacking a magpie and swans & geese flying overhead. 

The river wildlife has put on such a display & it’s always entertaining. If you can, get out into the country and watch the animals. Breathe the fresh air and feel the calmness. 






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