I’ve moved!

I’ve moved! Have decided to follow the example of others (including @ProfBrianCox) and dump Twitpic for sharing photos via Twitter. Why? Because their current Terms of Service makes it clear that uploading anything to their site gives them an automatic, exclusive license to share your content – royalty-free – on a WORLDWIDE basis (see the 4th paragraph under ‘Copyright’).

So, since people have recommended this place, I thought I’d give it a whirl. IN YOUR FACE, TWITPIC!!


One thought on “I’ve moved!

  1. Such a shame – nothing says "early adopter ancilliary app" like having <name of primary service> + <name of function> ?? la ‘Twitpic’. I mean, if all that’s left is <late order letter of the alphabet> + <amphibian> you know you’re pretty late to the party …Glad you raised this though. I should change to using posterous for my twittergraphy needs. Mostly it’s been used for work-y stuff as the ability to post entire entries via an email to your unique posterous address is really very cool when you’re at a conference and saddled with crummmy 00’s tech like a Blackberry.

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